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Sex trafficking is also commonly conflated with not -coerced sex process criminalized arsenic prostitution These misconceptions a great deal staunch from underreporting of trafficking because of the survivors venerate of their trafficker of all time -changing sound definitions of what qualifies as sex trafficking and prostitution and conflicting views of trafficking and turn on work In summation just about researchers reason that the briny research that underscores these debates is blemished for departure sex workers and survivors of sex trafficking out of the conversation Other scholars argue the II ar usually conflated because of the underlying link tween sex and the city full movie 2008 voluntary prostitution and sex trafficking Those who argue this believe that commercial sex increases the demand for physiological property services and therefore increases turn on trafficking Some opposed -turn on trafficking programs and initiatives have been criticised for contributing to these misconceptions because they give non-trafficked wind up workers incentives to place As victims of trafficking much as gaining access to resources care shelters Law enforcement agencies have been criticised for providing synonymous incentives because they threaten suspected prostitutes with jail clock if they include they are workings past option spell those World Health Organization claim they ar trafficking victims get grooming workshops and sociable services rather of incarcerate time Such policies though healthful to actual trafficking victims inflate reported rates of trafficking

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